What is Bankworks

we work in communities where we can have the greatest impact, where young adults lack access to employment opportunities, and where employers have positions to fill. bankwork$ started in los angeles in 2006 in partnership with jvs socal with one class, a few bank partners, and 10 graduates. in collaboration with local workforce development partners, banks and financial institutions, we connect great hires with great careers, and ensure participants and employers thrive. it focuses on hard skills for on-the-job success in banking, and the soft skills needed to succeed as a professional anywhere.

the enormity of job losses across the country sparked our careerwork$ program to develop work$ready, a new free, online, job readiness training. “being in a position to assist someone financially is everything to me. in 2017, he returned to chicago, became a father and enrolled in bankwork$. promoted to relationship banker after only a year, davonte looks forward to a lifetime career in the financial industry. “it’s our mission to connect deserving individuals to career opportunities in industries that desperately need their ideas, skills, and dedication.” “by providing life-changing career opportunities for qualified candidates, bankwork$ helps us serve the financial needs of diverse communities across the country.”

a free eight-week career training program helping young adults from low-income communities build meaningful careers jvs bankwork$® prepares job seekers for positions in banking as a first step on the career ladder in the financial bankwork$™ provides 8 weeks of free industry-specific job training with a customer service and sales focus, job placement assistance, and ongoing coaching and mentoring assistance for career advancement in the banking industry., bankworks interview, bankworks interview, bankworks pittsburgh, a new leaf bankworks, jvs bankworks.

bankwork$ is an eight-week program that prepares individuals for a career in the financial sector. the program covers ever dreamed of a career in banking? apply for the free eight week bankwork$ training program at mountain view bankwork$®, a free training program that helps adults prepare for careers in the financial services , bankworks milwaukee, jvs bankworks review, bankworks rs2, bankworks houston

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