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when working in chemical engineering, it’s simply not possible to learn by trial and error when the error can have catastrophic or dangerous implications. that’s why, as part of the aiche’s doing a world of good campaign and in conjunction with the center for chemical process safety (ccps), industry and academia have come together to launch a major global initiative to improve and accelerate process safety education at the university level. the report below is one recommended layout that you may find useful: the first series of courses in the program should be taken when students have reached their sophomore year and before they go into internships. these courses are meant to provide students with a foundational knowledge of process safety that will serve as a basis for the rest of the curricula. these courses are designed to be taken at the senior level, when students are enrolled in upper-level chemical engineering courses and are preparing to graduate. these courses explore process safety topics in more depth and detail than the level two courses do, and cover issues of concern in specific industries and areas of specialization.

educators may choose to require students to take some or all of the level 3 courses. courses are free for aiche undergraduate members. sign up for a free aiche undergraduate membership here. professors and faculty members: please contact jing chen at for a promo code to access all sache certificate program courses at no charge. sache certificate courses are recommended for all undergraduate students in chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as in chemistry. donations small and large and make a difference, and remember all gifts to the aiche foundation are tax-deductible.

aiche academy. ○ chemical engineering practice (36109) apply chemical engineering practice filter. ○ chemicals & materials (11724) apply chemicals & materials filter. ○ biological engineering (10340) apply biological engineering filter. ○ energy (6950) apply energy filter. ○ process safety (3904) apply process safety upcoming instructor-led courses. download & print the 2015 aiche education catalog. july, 2020. hazop studies face-to-face course. move beyond simply understanding the pha techniques being used in the process industry today , aiche free courses, aiche free courses, aiche free online courses, aiche membership, aiche academy free courses.

these two additional classes are available to be taken at any time to supplement the process safety curriculum. find the aiche academy provides online courses, webinars and more to aid in your professional the following aiche academy elearning courses are eligible for study as part of the aiche credential for sustainability , aiche courses 2020, aiche global, aiche academy elearning, aiche club

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