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there’s little time left in the day, once the dog’s walked, the work day’s over, the dinner’s cooked and eaten and the pilates class has concluded. that’s why i cast about to find a housekeeper to take care of my cleaning needs. that’s when i discovered a local company offering detailed housekeeper training near me in manhattan. my guy was great, but i have a very clear idea of what “clean” means. when i mentioned to friends what i was looking for, i was led to one conclusion – i needed new york’s little elves to provide my housekeeper with the kind of detail-oriented training that would deliver the result i was looking for. the reputation of new york’s little elves is just like their renowned work – impeccable – so i decided they were the people who could help me transform my housekeeper into a lean, mean cleaning machine. they’re obsessed with the fine details that make them the number one choice for housekeeper training near me in manhattan.

they’ll be pristine, because training will include the fine art of wielding q-tips and chopsticks wrapped in cotton cloths to get right down to the nitty gritty. because of their exacting standards, your housekeeper will understand that clean means deep down, thorough and spotless. my housekeeper is now performing his duties with a single-minded focus learned under the watchful gaze of manhattan’s premier cleaning company. every floor greets me when i walk through the door with shining, glorious perfection. my vents are cleaned within an inch of their lives, and my antiques? i’m so happy i discovered this superior source of housekeeper training near me in manhattan. anyone can do a half-hearted clean, but with housekeeper training near me in manhattan, you get new york’s little elves’ whole-hearted perfection.

the elves employ housekeeping supervisors with 80 years’ collective experience . that’s the kind of knowledge you need new york housekeeping is looking for both part-time and full-time qualified service professionals for the new york city area. once you complete your training, you will be certified, insured, and bonded and ready to enjoy a satisfying career in the service industry. housekeeping training for the hotel industry within new york city. we train for houseman, and room attendants. we offer , .

free hotel housekeeping training program! to qualify, individuals must be 18- 24 years old and economically hospitality careers training program recruitment. . the cpc workforce development division ecolab’s innovative, streamlined solutions, along with world-class training and tools, let you clean with confidence. with ,

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