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on the one hand infant® must be good at detecting problems within all manner of patterns and on the other hand it must not be over sensitive so as to raise concern unnecessarily. infant® analyses the fhr and contraction pattern and alerts clinicians to potential problems in a timely way. infant® also has algorithms for the detection of maternal heart rate patterns to avoid cases where the maternal heart rate has been inadvertently recorded instead of the fetal rate. infant® is highly dynamic and applies the same approach to its analysis of the features of the ctg that a human expert would do.

infant® summarises its analysis, and any concern it has for fetal wellbeing, in a concern ladder. infant® has been designed as a tool to support and inform clinical decision making and leaves the clinician firmly in charge. infant® is a support system to inform, raise awareness and re-enforce education at the point of care to raise skill and avoid human errors. more information about the infant® study see the link below (04 – the infant® study – a multicentre randomised controlled trial of 47,000 births) please contact us using the form below.

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k2 medical systems ptp perinatal training programme australia. ctg k2 perinatal training program. the k2 assessing fetal wellbeing a practical guide handbook filename. fetal monitoring and wellbeing guideline.doc assessing fetal wellbeing includes an understanding of the normal intrapartum ctg traces are also archived with k2 ctg archiving system., k2 education, k2 uk, k2 training course, k2 cpd hours

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