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A social media kit or a blogger media kit is a promotional public relations tool which you can use for several functions. You give this to potential brands or advertisers that you’re interested in collaborating with. Those who opt to work with brands should provide a free media kit template that’s ready to send. Here are the main contents to include in some media kit examples: A brief bio of yourself and your blog Give a brief account of yourself and of your blog. Include personal details and the variety of topics that you talk about along with any other information that may appeal to potential advertisers. The brands want to feel that they can easily connect and relate with you. Although the main purpose is to attract advertisers, try not to sound too “salesy.” Always keep the purpose of your media kit at the back of your mind. In the absence of these, you can just use your best works or photographs from your other posts. For your photograph, use a headshot that’s professional in appearance rather than one taken with your phone’s camera.Statistics Like in any other business transactions, the brands would like to know the kind of results to expect should they decide to work with you. It’s also recommended that you share the demographics of your readers like the age range they are in and a breakdown of your gender readership. If you have such numbers in your account which are significantly lower than other ones, simply leave this information out.Collaboration options You can list here all the ways that brands can work with you. The most basic choices are as follows: Giveaways Sidebar Ads Sponsored Posts Product Reviews Social Media Promotion It’s not necessary to include all the options you offer.

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Keep in mind that brands are always on the lookout for creative and fresh ways for marketing themselves.Testimonials and your past work If you have involved with some collaborative work before, it’s highly suggested to list them. In such a case, you may want to show the results of the campaign. Mentioning all these strengthen your credibility to the brands and is a way of demonstrating your experience. This gives them a good impression of what they would expect collaborating with you.Contact information Finally, don’t forget to add your contact information so the brands can get easy access to you in case… There’s no harm in making your free media kit template now. The number of your following doesn’t matter when you’re considering to start creating some media kit examples. Once you become a media influencer, this means you should already have a media kit template no matter what kind of media influencer you are. However, if any brands should approach you and there’s nothing for you to show, then that would be an opportunity gone to waste. With a media kit on-hand, you will always be totally ready to accept every opportunity that comes your way. If you have had some experiences working with other brands in the past, you should understand the types of questions to expect. This can work to your advantage as you can choose to adopt the media kit to match you in a more specific way. There’s no wrong or right content you can write here as it’s simply a way to establish connections with your readers in a manner relevant to your work.Your platforms This is a vital part of your media kit, where you provide tags and links for your professional accounts on social media. Make sure that the reader won’t have a hard time locating each of these platforms.

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Include the audience size, the information about the kind of content which you posted there, and your audience. This is one reason why you should include your audience’s details for each of the platforms. If you need these details, you may find them on Google Analytics or in your own social media analytics.What you offer You should let the brands which read your media kit know that you’re willing to collaborate. If you aren’t certain about how you can work together, do some research on how other famous influencers in the same niche collaborate. You may discover that there are other collaborating styles you may want to replicate.Your rates You should know beforehand how much you’re planning to charge for varying collaboration options. Setting how much you plan to charge could be quite difficult at times, especially if you haven’t worked with brands previously. In the long run, you will always have to negotiate when setting up any campaign. Having a rate, however, will give you a baseline.Your past work The information contained in your media kit template also defines your portfolio. You can provide here examples of your campaign brief, make details on how you collaborated with each other, and lastly, include result analytics that demonstrates the campaign’s success. If you haven’t yet experienced working on brand campaigns, you may still emphasize your favorite creative content along with any engagement you received.Your contact details All the information we have discussed above won’t mean anything if brands cannot contact you. Provide professional contact information and always keep this part of your media kit up-to-date at all times. Provide contact details and links of your agency or of an influencer marketing platform that you are part of as well as links.

If you’re serious about building a career on social media, you need to have an awesome influencer media kit to share with the brands and businesses you want to work with! Whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, photographer, or videographer, you want to have a document that represents all the work you’ve done, your achievements, and where you’d like to grow in your influencer career. When it comes to creating your influencer media kit, you need to think about both the information you share and the design aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at what you should include in your influencer media kit to give out the right message and inform your prospective brand managers and future collaboration partners! Don’t forget to include a headshot or a photo of you so whoever is reading your influencer media kit can put a face to your name! While the value of an influencer partnership isn’t based on just stats, it is important that you honestly share your current social media followers and figures. Because when a brand invests in influencer marketing, they want to make sure that your audience is active, engaged, and likely to respond positively with what you’ll be posting about on their behalf. So if you haven’t already, work out your average post engagement rate and share it in your influencer media template.

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No math needed, and you can easily see which of your posts are performing the best in your feed and what kind of content resonates with your audience the best It’s super important to include information about your audience demographic; this is how brands will determine if your followers are the type of customers they want to be reaching. For that reason, we’ve dedicated two pages in the Later influencer media kit template to your website and to your lead social profile! But if you do, it’s time to take a look at your stats and record them in your media kit. So if you have previous partnership experience make sure to share it in your influencer media kit! Why not email a few brands you’ve partnered with in the past and ask if they would be willing to give a reference and be cited in your media kit? When it comes to design, it’s important that your influencer media kit looks and feels like an extension of your blog or Instagram aesthetic. You have a lot of information to share, so try to make your media kit as clean and easy to read as possible — even if that means adding another page to your design! If you’re looking for a simple and super-quick template to get your media kit created in record time, try out our free template!

When you receive your template files in your inbox, you’ll also have step-by-step instruction on how to update and customize your template to match your aesthetic and style. Here are some things to keep in mind while customizing your template: If you use specific fonts for your social media or your blog, and they’re installed on your laptop, you can use them in the Photoshop template. Remember your media kit will tell a story about you and your brand, so there’s no need to write a novel! Don’t forget you can change up the colors in the template to match your own brand style. Of course, creating a new design in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator does require a high level of knowledge to navigate and pull off, but if you feel confident, the results are very professional and you have free rein on how you’d like your media kit to look. Spend some time reviewing what kind of content they produce online, their social media platforms, and is it something that you can replicate, or bring a new skill set to the team. If a brand outlines requirements or information to submit as part of their partnership opportunities, make sure you provide that information, as well as your media kit in your intro email! Don’t forget that some brands may approach you and ask to see your media kit, so always aim to have an up to date file ready to share.

Our Later media kit template is completely free and can be sent to your inbox in minutes!