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Such exposure boosts the sales of your product or service and this could only lead to a successful business. Another way for you to get the exposure you need is to create your own press kit template. Most of the best press kit examples make it very simple for the public to instantly learn about your products or brand while allowing them to readily access materials and photos to use. We’re also providing you the ways on how to get in touch with us!” Free press kit templates are not limited for major publications or reporters as they are also available to anybody interested in promoting your business and have the necessary tools to do this effectively. However, even the best of press kits won’t guarantee good press for your business. People into reaching out to or networking publications should always have their EPK template which they can share with or refer to reporters. There is no one “standard” way to create a press kit template. When you see various press kit examples, you may discover that they contain the same basic elements including. For this example, let’s say you’re creating an electronic press kit template for a film: Cover If you want to create a great first impression for your free press kit template, make an appealing cover as this is the first thing people see. Select the best photo you have or you may even use a poster from a film.Table of Contents This part is always highly recommended unless of course, your press kit doesn’t contain a lot of information.

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Although this isn’t a requirement, most people include it anyway.Synopsis Include a brief summary of the film. Why you made it and what was your inspiration for it? You can share some information about the whole process of making the film and any obstacles that you encountered in making it. Include a photograph too, this is highly recommended.Director’s Statement This is one of the more popular features of a press kit template. You can also make a list of all the awards that the film garnered.FAQ This is one cool section that many people tend to overlook. It may be some incident that occurred during production that may have caused a huge issue and how you resolved it.Credits This is a listing of all the people involved in the production with their respective roles.Production Stills Include stills from the film itself or from making it. Spread the stills throughout the press kit and, if possible, have one still between each of the sections. A press kit usually is a complete package of promotional and informational material with the sole purpose of sharing the message of a brand, launching new products or services or making a news announcement to the press. Your aim for creating a free press kit template to attract reporters and journalists to come up with a story about the company with the intent of generating good publicity while establishing a business or a brand product. They use it for the establishment of their brand, to promote their products or drive engagements with a target audience.

a press kit. this digital document is like a resume for a company. it tells the world what a brand stands for, what it’s accomplished, and what it wants to achieve. they connect bloggers with brands and marketers with multinationals. here’s how to create a killer press kit using slidebean’s easy-to-use template. adobe spark’s online press kit maker helps you easily create your own unique and custom using spark page as a media kit template just couldn’t be easier. a lasting impression. customize a canva template to match your brand and business. blue and cream coffee press media kit. black and white sports artist press kit template, artist press kit template, dj press kit template, dj press kit template, film press kit template, film press kit template, media kit template powerpoint, media kit template powerpoint

It’s a simple template you can further customize according to your needs. You may also use the template to pitch ideas to other journalists, collaborators or brands.Event If you’re into event promotion or you want to create some buzz on a preplanned function, then this template type becomes very useful. As its name suggests, this template aims to promote events and to increase brand or company recognition from the constant connection between your event and the sponsoring company.Blogger This type helps establish a blogger’s true essence as well as their brand which they’ve developed on their own. Bloggers can achieve this by placing emphasis on the key aspects of their past works, goals for the future, and their brand message, all through a compelling, visually-appealing, and creative free press kit template. The template describes the key aspects of a non-profit organization which may include the organization’s name, its goals and message, its active programs, and even its history. You can also include links to social media profiles or external sources that can further brand recognition and knowledge. You can use a press kit in different kinds of industries. The press kit provides for them the leverage that could drive sales upward, develop a more focused and effective brand purpose or angle, and even raise funds for the continuation of their operations. Large companies have always come up with press kits to promote new products or create a buzz in the industry. On a similar note, some huge companies also use these kits to exhibit their circulation figures and advertising rates.

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In the music industry, you can use press kits to promote albums, singles or tours.

The New York Times has one. This digital document is like a resume for a company. It tells the world what a brand stands for, what it’s accomplished, and what it wants to achieve. Here’s how to create a killer press kit using Slidebean’s easy-to-use template. Businesses need to compile all the information they want to include in their kit and then decide on the best way to convey it to the press.

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use canva’s amazing collection of templates to create a media kit quickly editors and reporters get numerous press releases and media kits on a daily basis. – a press kit, also known as a brand kit or media kit, is an information packet that includes documents and media assets that a company or business shares with the public to develop a brand, grow their audience, promote a specific product, or create buzz within an industry. – a press kit is a promotional resource used to communicate details about your business to journalists. use our free press kit template to create free influencer media kit template, free influencer media kit template, media kit template indesign, media kit template indesign, nonprofit press kit template, nonprofit press kit template, event press kit template, event press kit template

Using press kit templates is an effective way to achieve this. Display Strengths, Goals, and Objectives A press kit slide deck is a fantastic way for a company to flaunt their strengths, goals, and objectives together in one place. Slidebean’s press kit template comes with bullet points and headers, so readers remember the important stuff for much longer. These usually follow the same format: blocks of black and white text, followed by a few key performance indicators. The fifth slide in Slidebean’s press kit has room to incorporate several accomplishments — such as a new contract or a company’s current stock price — which will capture the interest of publishers and wow investors.

Slidebean’s media kit template has space to include eye-catching statistics that could lead to an investment or drive business growth. Include Social Media Links A press kit serves as an introduction to a company’s vision and values. The seventh slide in Slidebean’s press kit template lets users include links to their Twitter page, Facebook account, and LinkedIn profile, as well as their blog. This press kit template lets businesses introduce their company to the media without fuss and unnecessary fluff. — and users don’t need to worry about arranging slides or creating a kit from scratch.