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do you continue your normal training schedule and up your calories, or do you try and change your regime to grant the fastest mass and strength gains in the shortest timeframe? german volume training is a system that employs punishing amounts of reps to increase muscle hypertrophy and create lean mass. by performing 10 sets of exercises, your muscles must adapt to cope with the increased workload and therefore grow. for people looking to quickly add mass, german volume training has the following benefits for bulking: unless you want to feel sluggish and bloated, most traditional bulking cycles should be short.

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if you want to increase your volume, the most sensible way to do it is to increase the number of sets you perform. the second workout follows a similar pattern but works the front and back of your thighs. pull the bar up to touch your sternum and then lower under control. why the aim of this superset is to work both the front and back of your thighs.

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see full disclosure german volume training (gvt) is a hypertrophy program designed by charles poliquin to shock the muscles with a significant increase in volume through 10x10 sets. i’m not here to argue about what is the “correct” or “true” version of the routine. utilizing only phase 1 would result in this being a 4 week training program, while running both phases will extend the total length of the program to 7 weeks. to give you an idea of the training sequence, here is what phase 1, week 1 looks like: day 1 of week 2 is a rest day, as a rest day follows the legs & abs workout.

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gvt is the former: you go hard for three weeks and then you don’t try it again for at least six months. “so i went to the national training center in leimen, and the then national weightlifting coach rolf feser explained how they would do periodization with ten sets of ten, ten sets of five, and ten sets of three. do it on the leg press and your rate of perceived effort is probably 60 percent of what it would be on the squat.” so you want to do exercises that recruit a lot of motor units, all the way down to the accessories.

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it's been used for close to 50 years and was popularized in the early 90s by coach charles poliquin. you get an accumulation of fatigue due to the high volume, long time under tension for each set, and incomplete rest periods. the wrong interpretation is that you need to have at least 80 percent of your max on the bar. the key element of gvt is that you accumulate fatigue from set to set because of the incomplete rest. it makes the ten sets of ten reps better because, in the early sets, you can get a lot of maximally effective reps instead of "wasting" these sets. fans of gvt will often say, "the east german olympic lifters used 10x10 to gain five kilograms of muscle and go up a weight class."